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Get to Know Our Tulsa Orthodontist: A Q&A with Dr. Anand Patel

By Orthodontics

At The Brace Place, our Claremore and Tulsa orthodontist Dr. Patel gives patients fantastically straight teeth and healthy bites. Beyond the practice, he’s also a dad, Guns N’ Roses fan and hamburger aficionado. Who knew the doctor behind The Brace Place was rocking out to metal? To help you get to know Dr. Patel a little better and see what other fun facts we could uncover about him, we decided to put together some questions for him. Here’s our Q&A with Tulsa orthodontist Dr. Patel: Read More


How We Make Our Claremore and Tulsa Invisalign® and Braces Affordable for Everyone!

By Orthodontics

After having braces as a teenager, my self-esteem skyrocketed and I know firsthand how loving the way your teeth look can change your life for the better. Everyone deserves to have the same opportunity to transform their smile into a lifetime of confidence. In fact, that’s part of our mission statement! So, when I opened the Brace Place, my goal was to make orthodontic treatment accessible, allowing more people to experience its benefits. One way we do that is by ensuring that getting the care you need is convenient. We invest in the latest technology and treatments, offer flexible scheduling and keep wait times to a minimum so that the process of straightening your teeth doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day life. Even more importantly, we work hard to make our Claremore and Tulsa Invisalign® and braces affordable for any budget. Here’s how:
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The Different Types of Braces and How to Choose the Right Kind for You

By Orthodontics

If you’re unhappy with your smile but worried you’ll be stuck with a mouth full of uncomfortable metal to fix it, we have good news! The types of braces we use today are smaller, more streamlined and way more comfortable. Thanks to innovations in the design, they also work faster than ever before and bring about amazing results. At the Brace Place, we have a variety of options when it comes to our Claremore and Tulsa braces. In fact, we can even straighten teeth without braces using Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen. Dr. Patel and his team take a high-tech approach using the latest technology and materials. For patients, that means you’ll spend less time in the orthodontist’s chair and you’ll get to see your brand new smile a lot sooner than you may think. Let’s walk through the different types of braces you can find at the Brace Place in Tulsa and Claremore and some things to consider when choosing the right braces for your smile. Read More