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The Science of Perfecting Smiles

Orthodontics is a specialized area of dentistry concerned with diagnosing, preventing and treating dentofacial abnormalities, which means problems with the size, position or orientation of the teeth and jaw. In the simplest terms, it’s the science of creating fantastic smiles and aligned bites using braces, Invisalign®, retainers or other appliances. Orthodontic treatment, along with regular dental checkups, is a proven way to achieve and maintain excellent oral health for people of all ages. To learn more about how orthodontics can help you, book a free consultation at The Brace Place online or by calling us at (918) 749-8817 (Tulsa) or (918) 342-1240 (Claremore).

What Kind of Training Does an Orthodontist Have?

An orthodontist, like Dr. Patel, is a specially trained dentist who, after getting their doctorate from dental school, must complete an advanced education program to become a certified specialist in orthodontics. This specialty training lasts two to three years and involves gaining clinical experience treating actual patients through an orthodontic residency. You can be rest assured, all members of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) have received the required training.

Why See a Highly Trained Orthodontic Specialist?

Orthodontists have the necessary education and expertise to diagnose the underlying cause of a patient’s bite issues, technically called malocclusion, and then determine the best treatment plan to fix it. Since biological forces are involved in shifting the teeth and jaw and you want your new smile to be harmonious with the rest of your facial structure, it’s always best to leave the teeth-straightening in the hands of a specialist. Dr. Patel’s training enables him to achieve stable, dramatic results even in complex cases. Book a free consultation with our Tulsa and Claremore, OK orthodontist to see how he can transform your smile.


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