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Why Choosing Clear Aligner Treatment With Orthodontist Oversight Is Better than DIY Teeth Straightening

By April 12, 2023Blog, Orthodontics
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It’s safe to say that teeth straightening should be facilitated by an orthodontist. After all, a certified specialist in orthodontics has professional knowledge of dental anatomy and years of experience in orthodontic procedures. Orthodontists straighten teeth safely, with results that fulfill a patient’s unique aesthetic and functional goals.

Unfortunately, recent years have seen an uptick in DIY clear aligner treatment: people trying to straighten their smile with online services and products. These offer minimal to no supervision by an orthodontic or dental professional and Dr. Anand Patel and The Brace Place team caution against going it alone.

At face value, DIY clear aligners seem like a win-win for convenience and price, but the trade-off is risky. At-home clear aligners put all or most of the orthodontic decision-making on the patient: diagnosing their own case, taking their own impressions, and supervising their own progress. This can lead to permanent damage to teeth or issues that need extractions or surgery to correct. 

DIY teeth straightening also poses potential problems such as inaccurate impressions, trays that don’t fit, and root resorption from teeth moved too aggressively. The latter results in shorter tooth roots and less secure teeth.

Peace-of-Mind with Orthodontist Oversight

In contrast, oversight from a specialist in orthodontics ensures everything is precise, safe, and goes right every step of the way. At The Brace Place, Invisalign® treatment starts with high-tech digital teeth scans with an iTero® scanner — no goopy impression molds to mess up. And patients receive custom treatment planning that addresses both the look and function of their teeth. During treatment, oversight by an orthodontic specialist also allows for treatment adjustments in response to how teeth are moving in real time. The result? The best outcomes possible.

Confidence also comes from an orthodontist’s credentials. Tulsa and Claremore orthodontist, Dr. Patel, brings the following to every clear aligner case:

  • 25 years of orthodontic experience
  • status as an Invisalign Gold Provider Plus
  • American board certified designation
  • personalized service and custom treatment planning.

As for convenience? Clear aligner treatment with an orthodontist is easy with minimal interruption to daily life — only a few check-ins to ensure teeth are on-track. Time well spent for the assurance that teeth are responding well to clear aligner treatment.

About The Brace Place

The team at The Brace Place believes everyone deserves a stunning smile. For more than two decades, Dr. Anand Patel has transformed smiles from crooked to confident. As a Tulsa and Claremore, OK, orthodontic specialist, he pairs the latest orthodontic technology and treatments with fun, friendly service. Patients enjoy a safe, precise orthodontic experience with braces or Invisalign® — with flexible payment plans, transparent communication, and excellent results.

To get started with clear aligners at your Tulsa and Claremore orthodontist, book a first appointment today.