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Braces-Friendly Recipes to Try in the Summer

By August 5, 2020July 22nd, 2022Orthodontics

Summer is one of the best times to get braces, especially this year: you’re off school or work, or you’re working from home, so you have time to adjust to your new hardware before heading back into the real world. One of the other perks of getting braces this summer? All the delicious summer foods you can eat with braces! Sure, there are a few foods to avoid with braces too, but there are plenty of tasty eats you’ll be able to enjoy all summer long.

The Brace Place team wants you to enjoy your time with braces to the fullest. As your Tulsa and Claremore orthodontists, we’re here to give you the information you need to make the best decisions throughout your treatment. In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Which foods to avoid with braces
  • What summer foods to eat with braces
  • The best summer recipes for braces

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Summer Foods to Avoid with Braces

It’s always best to save the good news for last, right? So let’s start by talking about the foods you’ll need to skip until your braces come off. Certain foods pose a risk to your hardware and could cause damage to or get stuck behind your braces. This means your treatment may take longer than you’d hoped and you’ll need to visit your Claremore or Tulsa orthodontist more often than you would otherwise.

We love to see our patients’ smiling faces, but during orthodontic treatment, the less we see you, the better. So when we tell you to avoid certain foods with braces, it’s best to listen to our advice. We really do have your best interests at heart.

So which foods should you avoid during braces treatment? Anything hard, crunchy, sticky, chewy, or anything you have to bite into. These foods can all be risky for braces. When it comes to summer foods specifically, you’ll want to skip hard or crunchy snacks like popcorn, raw veggies, nuts or chips, chewy candies or marshmallows (yep, even in s’mores!), and corn on the cob or whole apples. But don’t worry — there are still lots of foods for you to chow down on this summer!

Braces-Friendly Summer Foods

Now that you’re an expert on what not to eat with braces, you’re probably wondering what you can eat after getting braces this summer. Fortunately, you are free to enjoy many summer favorites — from fresh fruit and ice cream to potatoes and barbecued chicken and so much more.

In your first few days with braces, though, your teeth might be a little sensitive as they adjust to the brackets and wires. Cold, soft foods will be your best friend in the beginning because they’re soothing and easy to eat. Things like yogurt, frozen yogurt, pudding, watermelon and smoothies are all great options, as are steamed veggies, potato wedges and baked beans once your teeth can tolerate warmer foods.

Grilled meats are also on the table if you have braces, as long as you stick to tender or fall-off-the-bone style meats like pulled pork, boneless chicken breasts or fish. Hamburgers or veggie burgers are in the clear, too, just be sure to cut them into bite-sized pieces before eating. Avoid tougher meats like steak or beef jerky, as these tend to be too tough for sensitive teeth.

Summer Recipes for Braces

You’ve got all the info you need to make smart eating decisions during braces treatment! But it can still be difficult in the beginning to know where to start. That’s why the doctors at The Brace Place have put together a menu of braces-friendly recipes for you to enjoy this summer.




There’s a lot to get used to when you first get braces, but choosing what to eat doesn’t have to be complicated. Just stick to the simple rules of thumb — no crunchy, hard, sticky or chewy foods, and no foods you have to bite into — and you’ll be good to go. After all, summer is one of the best seasons for delicious foods. You shouldn’t have to miss out on all your favorites just because you’re straightening your smile.

Still have questions about what to eat with braces this summer? Ready to start your own smile journey? Contact The Brace Place today to book a free virtual or in-person consultation.