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12 Supplies to Keep in Your Braces Kit

By July 20, 2023Orthodontics
Braces Kit

So you’ve recently started wearing braces or Invisalign and want to be on top of all things orthodontics wherever you go. The Brace Place team suggests packing a handy braces or Invisalign supplies kit with these 12 orthodontic supplies so you’re always prepared, whether you’re at school, work, or traveling.

  1. Dental Floss

First, a pro tip: floss first, then brush; it’s more effective than the other way around. Second, many patients at The Brace Place ask us what kind of floss they should use for braces. Dr. Patel suggests going with what’s most comfortable: traditional waxed floss, ribbon floss, Superfloss, or orthodontic flossers are all great in a to-go orthodontics supplies kit. 

  1. Floss Threader

New braces-wearers sometimes find flossing around braces with traditional or ribbon floss a little challenging at first; a floss threader can help: it’s a small tool with a large loop on one end and a tail that helps guide your floss through.

  1. Interdental Pick/Brush

The tiniest little toothbrush you’ve ever seen, an interdental brush looks like a toothpick with tiny bristles at one end. Use it to dislodge food stuck in your braces or for flossing between teeth.

  1. Travel Sized Toothbrush for Braces

By now, you’re likely well versed in the rule of brushing twice daily for two minutes every time. But with braces, you might find you brush more often; Dr. Anand Patel suggests you also brush after every meal and snack, whether you’re at home or away. So include a soft-bristled, travel-sized toothbrush in your to-go kit for keeping teeth and braces clean all day. Not sure of the best method for brushing with braces? Your Tulsa and Claremore orthodontic team is happy to show you best practices for brushing your teeth with your new braces. 

  1. Toothpaste for Braces

It’s common sense that toothpaste is necessary for maintaining clean, healthy teeth. But which toothpaste should you choose for brushing with braces when you’re on the go? Find a travel-sized fluoride toothpaste to pop into your orthodontic supplies kit, but be sure to skip any whitening ones, or you might end up with unevenly white teeth after your braces come off. 

Want to save space in your braces kit? Consider a pre-pasted, single-use toothbrush like these Wisps by Colgate. 

  1. Mini Mouthwash For Extra Bacteria Fighting Power

Braces or not, we all want to have fresh breath. Mouthwash offers an extra boost in getting rid of oral bacteria and bad breath. A swish of nearly any drugstore-brand mouthwash can help kill any lingering bad bacteria. The best mouthwashes for braces contain ingredients that aim to soothe sore gum tissue, reduce white spots, and contain fluoride.

  1. Wax for Braces Discomfort and Emergencies

Some patients new to braces experience oral discomfort from wires pressing against their tongue, the inside of their lips, or their cheeks. To help alleviate this pain and give your soft oral tissues a chance to recover, include wax for braces in your orthodontic supplies kit.

Pinch off a pea-sized amount and roll it into a slightly flattened ball. Press the wax onto the problem area and use your tongue to move it into place. To remove the wax, use the dental floss or interdental pick you’ve also packed in your orthodontic travel kit.

Wax for braces is also handy for braces emergencies — like if you have a broken bracket in your braces. You can use the wax to anchor the bracket until you can come in to see Dr. Patel.  

  1. Braces Mouthguard

Wearing a mouthguard that protects your braces and teeth when you’re playing sports is a must. The Brace Places offers custom sports mouthguards which ensure an exact and protective fit over your braces. You might need to get a few different mouthguards as your braces treatment progresses and your teeth shift positions.

  1. Compact Mirror

A small mirror is handy for seeing if you have any food debris caught in your braces and checking to see if your teeth are squeaky clean after you’ve cleaned them.

  1. Pain Reliever

Over-the-counter pain relief can help alleviate discomfort from new braces or after an adjustment. Make sure you have approval from your doctor. If you’re prepping a braces kit for your child or teen, ensure that you have the thumbs up from their school to include this medication in their belongings. 

  1. Tissue

From wiping wet fingers after applying wax for painful braces to cleaning up a bit of drool, toothpaste, or water after cleaning your teeth, travel pack tissue is an indispensable part of your travel orthodontic supplies.

  1. Invisalign Storage Case 

If you’re using Invisalign to straighten your smile instead of braces, add an Invisalign storage case to your orthodontic supplies kit. Always store your clear aligners in their case when you take them out to keep them clean, prevent damage, and keep you from misplacing them when you’re out and about.

Get More Tips for On-the-Go Braces Supplies

Have more questions about what to pack into a travel orthodontic supplies kit? Give us a shout or make an appointment to visit our Tulsa or Claremore office. Dr. Patel and The Brace Place team have the experience and knowledge to help you enjoy your orthodontic experience from start to finish and wherever you are.